The Garden by Nichole Canuso Dance Company

By FringeArts (other events)

16 Dates Through Sep 21, 2013

We are all travelers.

The Garden invites you to navigate the shifting terrain of a dance from the inside. You travel alone, guided by an individualized sound score of provocation, instruction, and original music by Michael Kiley and James Sugg. Oscillating between viewer and participant, four* audience members at a time embark on an intimate and expansive journey inspired by Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities", and Luis Borges' short story "The Garden of Forking Paths."

While we change constantly, what is it that we keep, discard, or bury?

*There will be a preview run for four audience members at a time September 13-21 as part of the 2013 FringeArts Festival. The Garden will premiere with shows for six audience members at a time November 1-17.


When can I purchase a ticket to The Garden's full capacity November Premiere?

If you can't make it to any of the September preview shows (or don't get to those tickets in time) send an email to [email protected] with subject line: "Garden November Tickets" and we'll add you to the list that receives early email notification when tickets go on sale.


The Creative Team: • Choreographer & Director, Nichole Canuso • Composer & Sound Designers, Michael Kiley and James Sugg • Contributing Writer, Jackie Sibblies Drury • Set Designer, Anna Kiraly • Lighting Designer, Yi Zhao • Production Manager, Megan Thibodeaux • Performers: Nichole Canuso, Eun Jung Choi, Scott McPheeters, John Luna, Les Rivera, Annie Wilson


The Garden was made possible by generous support from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, the Wyncote Foundation, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Suzanne Roberts Cultural Development Fund, and our fabulous band of Kickstarter backers.


The Garden FAQs:

How many dancers and audience members make up The Garden?

The Garden is a twelve-person event. Six of those people are rehearsed performers, and six of those people are viewers new to the experience.

I don't like audience participation. Is The Garden for me?

Audience participation often implies that you join in a portion of a performance that’s being witnessed by the rest of the audience. In The Garden there is no "audience". Each traveler is on their own journey. There are gentle instructions to guide you from place to place, and you will interact with dancers and other audience members, but will spend the majority of your time alone and the level of physical involvement is entirely up to you.

Does it take place outside in an actual garden?

The Garden does NOT take place in an actual garden. It takes place in a basement in Old City Philadelphia. It’s a beautiful cavernous space directly under the Ben Franklin bridge on-ramp on 2nd street.

The title comes from a Jorge Luis Borges short story, "The Garden of Forking Paths."


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