Showing: Nichole Canuso and Wendy Houston

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Monday, June 18 2012 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

What you’ll see:

A solo – Performed by Nichole Canuso

Excerpts from a group project directed by Nichole and performed by Eun Jung Choi, John Luna, Scott McPheeters, Annie Wilson, Christina Zani

 A conversation with Nichole, the dancers and Wendy Houston, moderated by Andrew Simonet of Headlong

You can ask questions to Nichole, the dancers and Wendy. Or you can just watch and listen.  And have a beer. 


Who is Wendy? 

Last year, Nichole received a grant from Dance Advance to work with UK artist Wendy Houston as a mentor and a guide as she explored new ways of making dance, and returned to old ways of making with a new lens.  Wendy collaborated as a founding member of DV8 in the 80s and 90s.  Here is a link to a work she was in called “Strange Fish”.
She now works with Forced Entertainment among others and makes fantastic solos that combine text and choreography in ways that Nichole finds inspiring. 


What is the Project?

Nichole initiated this project to make more space for reflection in her artistic life.  The goal of the fellowship was to both disrupt and deepen Nichole’s creative process, but it was not meant to result in a specific dance per se.  But after a certain amount of exploration and research, several performance ideas have started to emerge.  She’d like to share some of them with you before they take flight and/or morph into a series of new dances. 

This showing marks the end of Nichole’s fellowship year with Wendy, but is just the beginning of a new phase of dance making: For instance, Nichole does a whole lot of talking in her solo.  And it’s been interesting for her to return to the proscenium setting after several years of working outside the theater. People in chairs, all facing the same direction, eyes on the stage … 

NCDC’s recent Live Arts/Fringe productions include TAKES (2010) and Wandering Alice (2008).

If you want to read more about this process check out Nichole's Blog at

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