Cavidad by E|N|Z|A

By FringeArts (other events)

10 Dates Through Sep 15, 2013

Come into a world that's been here long before you. Overexposed and unemotional, Cavidad unravels the complexities of love, fear, and attraction. Lose yourself in the movement with fluorescent light sculptures in a cold environment that reflects the people in it. A dance experience unlike any other.




Enza DePalma, originally from Chicago, has been performing and producing original choreography for the last eight years. She received a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of The Arts. Upon graduating Enza received the Pennsylvania Ballet Award for Choreography and was commissioned to create an original work for the second company’s 2012 season. Enza has created works for PA Ballet’s “Shut Up and Dance” 2012 and 2013, presented by the dancers of PA Ballet and Manna at the Forrest Theater.


E|N|Z|A is the contemporary dance company of Enza DePalma based in New York City. It is E|N|Z|A's artistic mission to present work that showcases the intricacies and possibilities of a dancer. The work shines light into the intimate, more personal experiences of life, giving the audience a moment to connect with. Entangled gestures and fluid motions tell a story and evoke emotion. It is the company's objective to make dance a more sustainable art form, by always reinventing and investigating collaboration within the art world and with other artists.


CAVIDAD is a world that’s been here long before you; a place that is untouched and unexplored. It exists on it’s own whether you’re here or not, and will continue to be this way, unchanged and unaffected for all time. Overexposed and unemotional, CAVIDAD unravels the complexities of love, fear and attraction with entangled gestures and physical partner work. Strangers to this unfamiliar setting enter and navigate the new space. Dancing and moving with the beings that already exist there. Can these new comers be welcomed into CAVIDAD or will their presence be too much for the local inhabitants.


Lose yourself in the movement with fluorescent light walls built by fellow UArts alum Brittany Papale. These moving light walls manipulate the space; combined with the dance they create a stark, cold environment that reflects the people in it. The sculptures are a collaborative element between two young artists. Enter an environment you've never seen before and have a dance experience unlike any other.




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